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My Story


I am an Illustrator, Designer and daytime dreamer living in Southsea, England. My whole life I have been inspired by the wilderness, stories, and the promise of adventure. Whenever possible I find myself in the wilds, travelling and photographing scenes to weave into my creative tapestry. 

I spent my childhood in the tropics of Far North Queensland, wild jungles and quirky creatures have always influenced my creations. However, I was recently drawn back home after years spent living in Australia by my connection to the British Isles, its rich culture, history and tales of old. 

I have experimented in a lot of different creative ventures to try and find the right fit. From fine arts, to leather and jewellery collections, I didn’t know which one was right or what to do, all I knew was that being creative was apart of me and integral to my happiness. Once I found design, and transitioned to predominantly digital illustration I felt I had found my place. 

My main drive for creating art is because I find it very therapeutic. Nature is where I feel most at peace with myself and the world. I feel that in nature you can feel momentarily taken away from all the obligations and worries that life can throw upon you. You can just feel life in it’s rawest form without all the complexities that humans impose on it. Life, death and harmony. Everything breathes and has its own life story, and I feel a stronger connection with the past and present in nature. It allows me to stop and appreciate life.

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